Construction Continues on the New Jusidman Emergency and Trauma Center at Rabin Medical Center

Everybody walks into an Emergency Department at some point in their life and the medical services they receive often make the difference between life and death. The new Jusidman Emergency and Trauma Center at Israel's Rabin Medical Center in Petach Tikvah will have a tremendous impact on over 160,000 people each year, providing them with state of the art emergency medical care.

The new Emergency Center will be a large, sophisticated complex. It is being planned in accordance with Israeli Home Front Command's strict emergency readiness requirements and will include advanced diagnostic and life-saving equipment to cope with large scale disasters. Its plans also take into consideration the need for infection control and include specially protected isolation rooms for contaminated patients. Furthermore, its design adopts the newest models of streamlined treatment flow based on the severity of patients' medical condition, enabling all patients to receive appropriate care as quickly as possible.

The Emergency Center will comprise a Level One Trauma Unit, an Emergency Wing for Acute and Moderate Care, a Fast-Track Clinic, triage and admittance, imaging facilities and additional support services. It will also have underground parking for patients, allowing easy and comfortable access.

The construction of the new Jusidman Emergency and Trauma Center began more than a year ago and this enormous multi-level project will take several years to complete. The entire building must be constructed to withstand natural disasters such as earthquakes, conventional warfare, and unconventional attacks by biological or nuclear weapons. These modern defenses are essential in a country that is beset by enemy neighbors, including Iran.

The new center will contain several underground floors including two and a half floors of underground parking and a half floor for electrical machinery, water and air conditioning systems. The majority of the work over the past year was clearing and preparing the site and first stage of construction, including the erection of support pillars around the entire surface, which will prevent collapse of the structure. Having completed this stage we will now begin construction of the foundation, followed by the underground parking levels, and then of the emergency and trauma floor. This will be followed by the interior structure.

The initial major gift will enable the hospital to build an emergency and trauma department more than double the size of the current facilities and expand its services and technologies to meet the rapidly growing demand for expert advanced medical services. Now additional support is needed if we are to complete this project in full and be able to provide the best possible medical treatment. When it comes to emergency care every minute can make a life-saving or life-changing difference to our patients.

Please help us support the completion of the new Emergency & Trauma Center by contributing one of the following:


Emergency Care Wing
Cost: $2,000,000 - MAKE A DONATION
Trauma Wing
Cost: $1,000,000 - MAKE A DONATION
Acute Care Wing
Cost: $1,000,000 - MAKE A DONATION
Moderate Care Wing
Cost: $850,000 - MAKE A DONATION
Fast-Track Clinic
Cost: $750,000 - MAKE A DONATION
Cost: $120,000 - MAKE A DONATION
Emergency Waiting and Admittance Area
Cost: $60,000 - MAKE A DONATION
Isolation Room-Acute Care Center
Cost: $40,000 - MAKE A DONATION
Intensive Care Room-Acute Care Wing
Cost: $30,000 - MAKE A DONATION
Patient Treatment Room-Acute Care Wing
Cost: $10,000 - MAKE A DONATION


Cost: $15,000 - MAKE A DONATION
Transport Stretcher
Cost: $8,500 - MAKE A DONATION
Cost: $5,000 - MAKE A DONATION
Vital Signs Monitor
Cost: $2,500 - MAKE A DONATION
Infusion Pump System
Cost: $1,500 - MAKE A DONATION
Hospital Bed
Cost: $1,000 - MAKE A DONATION
Cardiac Relief Fund
Cost: $500 - MAKE A DONATION
Emergency Medical Supplies
Cost: $360 - MAKE A DONATION
Cost: $250 - MAKE A DONATION
Emergency Cardiac Medicines
Cost: $180 - MAKE A DONATION
General ER & Trauma Fund

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