Chabad Rabbi Shot in Russia Recuperating at Rabin Medical Center

R to L: Rabbi Ovadia Isakov, Prof. Pierre Singer, Head of the Intensive Care Unit at RMC and Dr. Ilya Kagan, Senior Physician

In critical condition, after being shot on Thursday July 25th, in Dagestan Russia, 40 year old Rabbi Ovadia Isakov, Chabad emissary and Chief Rabbi of Derbent, was flown to Rabin Medical Center for life saving medical treatment.

A special medical Trauma team awaited the ambulance and stabilized the Rabbi's condition before he was taken to surgery for internal injuries, mainly to his liver. He was then transferred to the hospital's Intensive Care Unit, which is directed by Prof. Pierre Singer.

His condition has since improved considerably; he is now breathing on his own and getting better every day.

Dr. Ilya Kagan, senior physician in the ICU, "It is truly exciting to see how the Rabbi is recuperating, after he was in such a serious, life threatening situation"

Among his many visitors was Rabbi David Lau, Israel’s newly elected Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi.

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