Rabin Medical Center Nursing Scholarships

Rabin Medical Center’s Dina Academic Nursing School, a branch of Tel-Aviv University’s nursing faculty, stands as the largest academic center of Clalit Health Services. The school recognizes the great demand for high-quality nurses and encourages students to enroll in advanced studies and professional nursing training. Through your donations, the Dina Nursing School offers scholarships to academically-gifted individuals, from immigrant or low socio-economic backgrounds, for its unique "Nursing as a Socio-Political Force Program." Subjects covered in the curriculum include:

  • Gender and health with an emphasis on women in society
  • Development of cultural sensitivity
  • Awareness of vulnerable segments of Israeli society  
  • Leadership development
  • Hands-on volunteering in various community organizations

Current scholarship recipient, Maria Portnoy, demonstrates the enormous impact of your generosity over the years. Born in Ukraine, Maria immigrated to Israel with her family at age six. She majored in robotics during high school and is now in her second year at the Dina Nursing School. Maria excels at building relationships with patients and their families. In her clinical experience, she has provided compassionate and competent care for patients visiting Rabin Medical Center.

Maria’s path to personal empowerment and social mobility would not be possible without your kindness. Moreover, donors like you ensure patients are treated with the utmost care and cutting-edge medical technology. Please consider continuing your support for promising students like Maria through one of the following gifts:

  • $3,500: Nursing Certification Tuition for 1 year.
  • $7,000: Nursing Certification Diploma Tuition for 2.5 years.
  • $14,000: Nursing Certification and Bachelor’s Degree Tuition for 4 years.

Thank you for your generosity!

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