2014 Rabin Medical Center Statistics

9,537 Births
199 Transplants
39,483 CT Exams
167,428 ER Admissions
841,830 Outpatient Visits
29,953 Surgical Procedures

Aerial view of Rabin Medical Center

Cancer Care and Treatments at Rabin Medical Center

71,785 Outpatient Visits
56,912 Radiation Therapy Visits
50,175 Radiation Therapy Treatments
37,502 Chemotherapy Treatments
10,124 Integrative Medicine Unit Visits

Cardiac Care at Rabin Medical Center

4,228 Hospitalizations
3,316 Cardiac Catheterizations
808 Cardiothoracic Surgeries
716 Pacemakers and Heart Rhythm Procedures
82 Trans-catheter Valve Interventions

Raphael Recanati Genetics Institute Care at Rabin Medical Center

52,034 Genetic Screenings
2,454 Genetic Chip Tests
357 Pre-Implantation genetic testing done

Helen Schneider Women’s Hospital Care at Rabin Medical Center

24,900 Emergency Room Visits
22,000 Ultrasounds Performed
20,256 Maternity Emergency Room Visits
10,207 IVF Clinics Performed
9,123 Outpatient Clinics Performed