American Friends of Rabin Medical Center

We support innovative medical treatment and healthcare at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center for one million patients annually. Partnering with the hospital, we promote the best care, research and technology to reach new frontiers in global medicine. We facilitate international medical fellowships with individual and corporate support for the hospital.

Save the Date: 2016 Events

A New Heart Center at Rabin Medical Center by 2017

Rabin Medical Center seeks new ways to improve and extend patients’ cardiac health by building a new Comprehensive Heart Center to open in 2017. This Comprehensive Heart Center will accommodate Rabin Medical Center’s cardiology related medical services, placing all cardiac facilities under one roof. The Center will be planned by a team of leading American and Israeli architects with a modern design emphasizing staff efficiency and patient comfort and dignity. American Friends of Rabin Medical Center seeks a major donor to fund this important Heart Center.

Davidoff Cancer Center Expansion

The Davidoff Cancer Center, opened in 2005, is the leading oncology center in Israel and the Middle East, treating 130,578 patients last year. Funded through the vision and generosity of the Davidoff Family and Davidoff Foundation, the hospital provides for renowned cancer experts from major hospitals abroad with funded fellowships. Due to the Center’s high demand since its establishment, a major expansion will take place with six new floors added to the Davidoff Center to facilitate the increased patient load. The Davidoff Center has become a place of healing for all Israelis and calls upon your support to facilitate this vital expansion.