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We support innovative medical treatment and healthcare at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center for one million patients annually. Partnering with the hospital, we promote the best care, research and technology to reach new frontiers in global medicine. We facilitate international medical fellowships with individual and corporate support for the hospital.

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Lone Soldier from Maryland Being Treated at Rabin

Since the launch of Operation Protective Edge, several helicopters have arrived at Rabin Medical Center with wounded Israel Defense Forces soldiers. Overall 39 injured soldiers have been brought to the Rabin Medical Center for emergency care. Jordan Low, a lone soldier from Baltimore, Maryland arrived at Rabin Medical Center on Sunday and is currently hospitalized in the general intensive care.

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A Healthy Diet For Your Heart: A Doctor’s Expert Advice

We are surrounded by information regarding the risk of cardiovascular disease, and the best way to prevent it in our daily lives. One may be overwhelmed with the infinite number of opinions advocated in the media, much of it based on personal experience and "locker-room science."

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Dr. Yair Molad, Head of the Rheumatology Unit at Rabin Medical Center, Visits New York City

"Twenty-two years after graduating the fellowship program in the Rheumatology Division at New York University Medical Center and the Hospital for Joint Diseases, I've come back as a visiting professor for a 10-week sabbatical period."

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Facts & Figures

Helen Schneider Women’s Hospital Care at Rabin Medical Center

24,900 Emergency Room Visits
22,000 Ultrasounds Performed
20,256 Maternity Emergency Room Visits
10,207 IVF Clinics Performed
9,123 Outpatient Clinics Performed