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The Heart and the Computer

September 12, 2018
“We are on the way to the big bang in cardiology: artificial intelligence and the development of breakthrough engineering and genetic technologies are expected to be at the forefront of the future war on cardiovascular diseases.”

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Rabin Doctors Examine Link Between Asthma and Migraines

September 5, 2018
Dr. Yael Graif of the Allergy and Immunology Clinic at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center’s Pulmonary Institute recently led a study examining the link between asthma and migraines.

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Israeli Hospitals Destroy Tumors With Liquid Nitrogen

August 29, 2018
IceCure Medical, an Israeli company developing a minimally invasive medical device for treating tumors, announced that it will start offering its technology in Israel in upcoming weeks.

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Fresh from the Blog: Vital Signs Health Trends

Cancer Pushes New York’s ‘First Girlfriend,’ Sandra Lee, Onto Political Stage

  VAN NUYS, Calif. — She strolled slowly through the neighborhood, a down-to-earth sprawl of sun-blasted ranch houses, and Sandra Lee was in her element. In contrast to her high-gloss public persona, Ms. Lee wore a simple, loose-fitting dress, no makeup, the only thing adorning her face a pair of oversized sunglasses. Still, she could… Continue reading Cancer Pushes New York’s ‘First Girlfriend,’ Sandra Lee, Onto Political Stage

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The Future Of Heart Surgery, In The Palm Of His Hand

Aortic stenosis, wherein the valves of the heart don’t fully open, has long been a bane of the cardiology community, which has historically resorted to risky open-heart valve-replacement surgery or simply deemed aortic stenosis patients inoperable. But in recent years, transcatheter aortic valve replacement – which, in a nutshell, inserts a stent into a narrowed… Continue reading The Future Of Heart Surgery, In The Palm Of His Hand

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A BRCA Story

I tested positive for the cancer-causing BRCA mutation. Now what? By Laura Osman, Published by JTA Curiosity about my ancestry spurred me to order an at-home genetic testing kit by mail earlier this year. Maybe my blonde hair was a result of some hidden Swedish genes? When the kit arrived, I quickly spit in the… Continue reading A BRCA Story

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