Building Bridges: New American-Israeli Physicians' Group

(L-R) Eyran Halpern, CEO Rabin Medical Center (RMC); Dr. Bilha Fish, AFRMC Board member visiting RMC; Dr. Maya Cohen, Director of the Imaging Department; Dr. Boaz Tadmor, Director of Beilinson

AFRMC board member Bilha Fish, M.D., is the president of the newly-created American Physician Friends of Rabin Medical Center, an exciting partnership between American doctors and Israel's Rabin Medical Center. This group, part of American Friends of Rabin Medical Center, will bring together American and Israeli doctors at Rabin Medical Center, including Israeli Arab doctors; facilitate the exchange of medical expertise and recent international developments; and promote the well being of the Rabin Medical Center, including the possibility of establishing connections between American donors and the Rabin Medical Center.

American Physician Friends will represent Rabin Medical Center at United States events. There will be group trips and missions to the Israel hospital, and it is anticipated that there will be joint seminars and conferences for American Physicians and Rabin Medical Center doctors. The American Physician Friends of Rabin Medical Center will grow into a national organization that will facilitate a strong and mutually beneficial partnership between American and Israeli physicians from Rabin Medical Center.

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