1936 Beilinson Hospital founded by Kupat Holim (120 beds, 57 staff)

1964 Beilinson performs the first living related donor kidney transplant in Israel

1973 Hospital treats Yom Kippur War wounded soldiers

1989 Dr. Dan Oppenheim, Hospital CEO

1995 Beilinson & Hasharon Hospitals merge into Rabin Medical Center
American Friends of Rabin Medical Center established
Events: NYC, LA, Washington, Philadelphia, Florida, Phoenix, Charleston
Miriam Romm, Founding Executive Director
Senator Howard Metzenbaum, AFRMC’s Founding Honorary Chairman

1996 Charles E. Trobman Oncology Data Management Center established
Woody and Danny Goldberg; AFRMC President and Executive Director
NYC Broadway evening honoring Leah Rabin and Gour Shasha

1998 Kidney cross-transplantation between two couples, Arab and Israeli Gour Shasha Hospitalization Tower opens

1999 Burton Lazarow, Executive Director

2000 Abraham Barry Cohen, AFRMC Chairman
First Alisa Flatow Study Fellowship at Rabin to Tracy Porter

2001 AFRMC headquarters move from Washington D.C. to NYC
First NYC Gala funds emergency needs at Rabin Medical Center
Prime Minister Ehud Barak, NYC Gala speaker

2002 President Bill Clinton at NYC Gala; Larry King, Master of Ceremonies

2003 Senator Hillary Clinton and Prime Minister John Major at NYC Gala
Partnership agreement with Larry King Cardiac Foundation

2004 Dr. Joshua Eli Plaut, Executive Director

2005 Stephen Siegel, AFRMC President
Davidoff Comprehensive Cancer Center opens
First Women’s Luncheon benefits breast cancer research at RMC
Trobman Data Center event, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
AFRMC 540k Israeli bike-a-thon

2006 First New Circle Young Professionals NYC Real Estate event
David Barouk Family Davidoff Oncology Floor dedicated

2007 Dr. Eyran Halpern, Hospital CEO
Raphael Recanati Genetics Institute opens
NY Quaker Ridge Golf Outing launches for prostate cancer care

2008 War in Gaza, soldiers receive life-saving medical equipment from USA

2010 Rabin Fellows Program launches in Las Vegas

2011 First Annual Cheryl Diamond NYC SCHLEP 5k Run/Walk

2012 Peter Riguardi, AFRMC Chairman & Ron Cohen, AFRMC President
Global Connections: Merging Industries CEO Breakfast

2013 Chugai funds Abraham Cohen Cardiac Intensive Care Unit

2014 Jusidman ER & Trauma Center opens at Rabin Medical Center
Helmsley Trust funds Rabin Transplantation Center
War in Gaza with Hamas, AFRMC funds burn unit equipment

2015 20th Anniversary of AFRMC and the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin
AFRMC NY Yankees event benefits ER and Rabin Fellows

2018 New Transplantation Center opens at Rabin Medical Center

2020 First annual Cheryl Diamond 5K Cancer Schlep Run/Walk in Santa Barbara, California
Rabin Medical Center adds 500 bed COVID-19 facility, Israel’s only dedicated coronavirus hospital

2021 Gaza missile attacks around hospital and Tel Aviv

2022 Davidoff Comprehensive Cancer Center expansion completed