It is with great admiration for the courageous leadership and tremendous spirit of my dear friend, Yitzhak Rabin, that I congratulate American Friends of Rabin Medical Center on paying tribute to him through your continued support of the medical center bearing his name. The Rabin Medical Center has had a long and distinguished history of providing care to the people of Israel and beyond. By supporting the medical center and its commitment to “humanity without borders,” you are helping ensure that first-rate medical care continues to be available to all those in need, regardless of background.

- President William Jefferson Clinton

Mission Statement

American Friends of Rabin Medical Center (AFRMC) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit charitable organization that was established in 1995. Through a variety of programs and fundraisers across the United States, the funds raised by American Friends of Rabin Medical Center benefit AFRMC in furtherance of its mission to fund charitable, educational and scientific purposes at Rabin Medical Center. A portion of all funds raised are used for AFRMC operations. Israel’s Rabin Medical Center in Petach Tikvah, named after former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, is the pride of Israel, serving the needs of one million patients annually without regard to ethnicity, nationality or religion.

AFRMC’s mission:

  • To sustain and expand Rabin Medical Center’s facilities with the most advanced technology and equipment by encouraging individual, family, corporate, and institutional commitments to the hospital
  • To educate the American public and encourage visitation of the hospital
  • To publically promote the hospital throughout the United States
  • To create joint ventures with other medical institutions, foundations, corporations, and individuals
  • To raise funds through a variety of programmatic efforts throughout the United States

This hospital advances peace and well-being in the region by providing the best medical care to all the inhabitants of Israel. Your continued support of Rabin Medical Center is helping to make it a world class medical institution.

Rabbi Joshua Eli Plaut, Ph.D. Executive Director, American Friends of Rabin Medical Center