1936 Beilinson Hospital founded by Kupat Holim (120 beds, 57 staff)

1938 The first blood bank is established at Beilinson

1939 A third floor is added to Beilinson that now expands to 170 beds

1940 First group of nurses graduate

1942 Hasharon Hospital is founded (28 beds)

1943 Beilinson opens first Institute of Pathology in Israel

1947 Hasharon Hospital expands to 72 beds

1948 Both hospitals establish a special department to treat wounded from the War of Independence

1949 A fourth floor is added to Beilinson (now 270 beds)

1950 Beilinson opens Department of Anesthesiology

1951 A third floor is added to Beilinson that now expands to 170 beds

1952 Beilinson expands to 340 beds

1953 First Heart Institute in Israel opens at Beilinson

1955 New Beilinson Hospital building opens with 6 floors and major departments

1956 Beilinson opens Department of Physiotherapy, provides medical assistance during the Sinai Campaign

1957 Beilinson opens the first Department of Dermatology in Israel and a new unit for Endocrinology and Hematology

1957 Hasharon opens a Maternity Unit

1958 Beilinson opens a Plastic Surgery Department and a special burn unit.

1958 The Oncology Institute is founded at Beilinson

1960 Hasharon opens its first Department of Internal Medicine

1961 Beilinson opens Department of Urology

1963 Beilinson opens an Institute for hypertension and kidney diseases and the first Dialysis Institute in Israel

1964 Beilinson performs the first living related donor kidney transplant in Israel

1964 Hasharon opens a research Institute of Imaging.

1965 Beilinson opens the Gastroenterology Institute

1967 Beilinson opens outpatient clinics

1968 Beilinson, first heart transplant in Israel

1970 Beilinson opens Heart Intensive Care Unit

1970 Hasharon opens new building with additional departments, expanding its activities

1972 Hasharon opens a Dialysis Unit

1973 Both hospitals treat the wounded from Yom Kippur war

1975 Beilinson opens the first Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and the Premature Infants Nursery

1976 Beilinson opens a Gynecology Department

1978 Beilinson opens a children-centered building

1979 Beilinson opens a general intensive care unit

1980 Beilinson opens a Transplantation Unit and a High Risk Pregnancy Unit

1984 Ethiopians arrive and are brought to Beilinson for treatment

1984 Hospitals open an InVitro Fertilization Unit

1989 The Transplantation Unit at Beilinson becomes a department

1991 Schneider Children's Hospital opens

1991 Beilinson Hospital opens new operating wing, including 12 operating and recovery rooms

1992 Beilinson opens a Heart and Lung Transplantation Unit in the Cardiothoracic Department

1993 The Felsenstein Medical Research Center opens on Beilinson campus

1995 First implantation of an artificial heart in Israel

1995 Beilinson and Hasharon merge to become Rabin Medical Center

1997 The largest health facility for women in Israel opens at Rabin Medical Center

1998 A kidney cross-transplantation between two couples, Arab and Israeli, performed at Rabin Medical Center for first time in Israel

1998 Department of Trauma opens at Rabin Medical Center

1999 A sister agreement is signed between Rabin Medical Center and Montefiore Medical Center in New York

2000 Rabin Medical Center opens the Jeanne Leven Department of Intensive Care

2001 Construction begins on the Davidoff Center

2002 Inauguration of new synagogue at Rabin Medical Center, named after the late Farcha and Moshe Shasha

2003 A partnership agreement is signed with the Larry King Cardiac Foundation, the first in the Middle East

2004 Rabin Medical Center performs first artificial heart implantation

2005 The Davidoff Center opens, the Middle East's most comprehensive cancer center

2005 100th lung transplant is performed;cardiac gene transfer trials begin

2006 GE Healthcare and Rabin Medical Center international partnership

2007 Live lung transplantation from two donors

2008 War in Gaza, soldiers receive life-saving treatment

2010 Rabin Medical Center accreditation from the Joint Commission International

2010 First Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) in Israel

2011 First Domino Kidney Transplant in Israel

2012 Leading Israeli Hospital for robotic assisted surgery

2013 Third International Genetics Conference hosted at Rabin Medical Center

2014 Opening of the Jusidman Emergency and Trauma Center

2017 New Transplantation Center to open at Rabin Medical Center

2018 New Transplantation Center opens at Rabin Medical Center

2020 Davidoff Comprehensive Cancer Center expansion completed