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We support innovative medical treatment and healthcare at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center for one million patients annually. Partnering with the hospital, we promote the best care, research and technology to reach new frontiers in global medicine. We facilitate international medical fellowships with individual and corporate support for the hospital.

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Israel's Rabin Medical Center Makes A Difference With Two Modern Medical Miracles

Rabin Medical Center

Special teams from Rabin Medical Center joined members of The Jewish Agency weeks ago to provide medical care for Ukrainian refugees, and thousands of travel-weary and traumatized Jews who fled the fighting in Ukraine.

Rabin Medical Center, in a joint effort with the Jewish Agency of Israel and United Hatzalah, converted a plane into a flying ICU to send to Bucharest in a mission to evacuate seriously ill Ukrainian refugees. Prior to their evacuation from Bucharest to Israel, Rabin Medical Center staff treated patients and then in Israel were taken by ambulance directly to Rabin Medical Center where they received emergency medical care.

Rabin Medical Center's Director, Dr. Eytan Wertheim said, "Our teams in Warsaw and Bucharest grasp how great the distress is and how expansive the medical needs are. This humanitarian work is the moral obligation of each and every one of us during this time."

Rabin Medical Center is at the forefront, administering the fourth COVID vaccine booster, following a recent comprehensive Israeli study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, that found that a fourth COVID- 19 vaccine dose triples the protection against severe illness.

The rate of verified COVID-19 cases among the fourth-dose vaccinated people was twice as low as the three-dose group. Since the onset of the pandemic, Rabin Medical Center has been a leader in treating patients and vaccine research and added a dedicated COVID-19 ward with 500 beds dedicated exclusively for COVID-19 patients, on top of the hospital's existing 1,100 beds.

These are only two of the countless human miracles performed by Rabin Medical Center as part of its commitment to medical care and humanitarian aid to all people, regardless of race, nationality, religion, or age—in all one million patients a year from around Israel and the globe!

Your generous gift supports these modern-day medical miracles at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center, and we thank you.

In the face of adversity and war, Israel’s Rabin Medical Center of Petach Tikvah stands as a pillar of strength. Rabin Medical Center’s Emergency and Trauma Center is the largest in the Middle East, one of only six Level One ER and trauma centers in Israel, and a pillar of defense for Israel’s security.


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American Friends of Rabin Medical Center Annual Gala

Remarks by Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. Yitzhak Rabin Lifetime Medical Leadership Award

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Rabin Medical Center Conducts Eye Study in Space

University of Central Florida doctors, in collaboration Israel’s Rabin Medical Center, will complete the first eye study in space using optical coherence tomography angiography (OCTA).

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Israel's Rabin Medical Center Airlifts Ukrainian Refugees

A plane that was chartered and converted into a flying intensive care unit, left Israel on a late March morning on its way to Bucharest in a joint operation between the Jewish Agency of Israel and Israel’s Rabin Medical Center, and United Hatzalah.

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Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York:

“…that the Catholic archbishop of New York would be honored by an acclaimed hospital in Israel reflects the touching and tender climate of religious amity that radiates from this city. That Christians, Jews, Moslems, and representatives of so many diverse creeds would come together in fun, fellowship, and support of a healing center in Tel Aviv is a tribute to a religious freedom and respect for belief that is not to be taken lightly, since in most parts of the world where such an event would be thought science fiction.”

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy:

“President John F. Kennedy is one of my heroes. And, it is he who said about Israel: “It is the child of hope … it has not been a Jewish cause – any more than Irish independence was solely the concern of Americans of Irish descent.”

I cannot think of any institution which better exemplifies this statement than the Rabin Medical Center, nor any American organization which lives this maxim than the American Friends.

Millions of people – of all faiths and all nationalities – have walked through the doors of the Rabin Medical Center with the understanding that they will be treated with dignity, by some of the best medical staff, and in one of the most-advanced health-care settings in the entire world.

The doors of the Rabin Medical Center are doors of hope.”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul:

“[Rabin Medical Center] truly also embodies the vision of someone I followed closely as a child, someone who dominated the news all the time. [ Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin] was an extraordinary individual who had a vision that we could provide services regardless of religious background, ethnicity or where people came from, that everybody was entitled to quality healthcare.

We want to make sure that people living everywhere, particularly in Israel, have access to quality healthcare, high quality healthcare at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center serving over a million people a year. And the workers there are extraordinary individuals who are filled with such compassion for their fellow man and woman, and what we saw during this pandemic was an outpouring of that love despite the risks. They showed up day after day after day, and for that we honor them. But to simply call people heroes doesn't seem like enough.

Davidoff Cancer Center Expansion

The Davidoff Cancer Center, opened in 2005, is the leading oncology center in Israel and the Middle East, treating 130,578 patients last year. Funded through the vision and generosity of the Davidoff Family and Davidoff Foundation, the hospital provides for renowned cancer experts from major hospitals abroad with funded fellowships. Due to the Center’s high demand since its establishment, a major expansion will be completed in 2022 with six new floors added to the Davidoff Center to facilitate the increased patient load. The Davidoff Center has become a place of healing for all Israelis and calls upon your support to facilitate this vital expansion.