The Jusidman Emergency and Trauma Center

Ron Cohen, President of American Friends of Rabin Medical Center & Vice Chairman NY Capital Markets, Colliers International

Dear Friends,

Did you know that 200,000 patients visit our Jusidman Emergency and Trauma Center annually? Thank you for joining American Friends of Rabin Medical Center in raising significant funds for the recent opening of the 54,000 square foot Jusidman Emergency and Trauma Center, the largest and most advanced facility in Israel and the Middle East. Rabin Medical Center is the leader in providing medical care for trauma and emergency room patients. Because of our generosity, Israel’s premier hospital now has the capacity to serve as a modern and up-to-date emergency facility, which can be the deciding factor of life and death for patients facing an emergency.

Rabin Medical Center’s Jusidman Emergency and Trauma Center is a 54,000 square foot facility that is equipped to handle victims of terrorist attacks and biological warfare, as well as other sudden and personal accidents. The hospital works along with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to ensure that in the case of such emergencies, victims will be properly treatment. Your support of American Friends of Rabin Medical Center makes services like this possible, which in turn will save lives.

With your help, American Friends of Rabin Medical Center stands firm in its commitment to the hospital’s success, and we thank you for continued support.


Ron Cohen
President of American Friends of Rabin Medical Center

We Appreciate Your Continued Support

Rabbi Joshua Eli Plaut, Ph.D, Executive Director of American Friends of Rabin Medical Center

Rabin Medical Center advances peace and well-being in the region by providing the best medical care to all the inhabitants of Israel. I appreciate your continued support of Rabin Medical Center, helping to make it a world class medical institution to those who need it most. Your support helps fund initiatives such as the Rabin Fellows Exchange Program, which brings our young Israeli doctors for medical specialization at leading hospitals across America.

Since 2010 American Friends of Rabin Medical Center has funded 100 Rabin Medical Exchange Fellows, who have traveled to Las Vegas, New York City, Philadelphia, Palo Alto, San Diego, and Washington D.C. for medical specialization. At the same time, we envision American doctors visiting Israel’s Rabin Medical Center for training in the fields of emergency and trauma medicine, genetics, oncology, and other areas. Please help us expand this program by sponsoring new Rabin Fellows who are creating strong medical partnerships between Rabin Medical Center and the United States.

To all our friends and supporters, to corporations, foundations, and Jewish Federations across the United States, we thank you for helping Israel’s premier medical institution at a time of great uncertainty in the Middles East. Your friendship not only ensures the advancement of Rabin Medical Center, but also guarantees that our hospital in Israel continues to be a shining light unto the nations.

Thank you for your friendship and kindness.

Joshua Eli Plaut, Ph.D.
Executive Director, American Friends of Rabin Medical Center