Fourth Annual Women's Luncheon a Success

Ambassador Gabriela Shalev, Israel's first woman ambassador to the United Nations

The American Friends of Rabin Medical Center held their fourth annual Women's Luncheon Thursday, April 22 at the Jewish Museum in Manhattan. Her Excellency, Professor Gabriella Shalev, Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, was honored at the event, which benefitted breast cancer care and research at Israel's Rabin Medical Center. The ladies in attendance enjoyed an impassioned speech from the ambassador on her grandmother's experience with breast cancer and the delicate state of American relations with Israel. "Secretary of State Clinton's promises of 'crippling' sanctions on Iran became promises of 'biting' sanctions," Ambassador Shalev lamented, "and then simply of sanctions....When the sanctions finally come before the security council next month, it will be presided over by Lebanon, an ally of Iran. The result will be watered down and ineffective." She warned of the imminent threat of nuclear attack on Israel. "The doomsday clock," she warned, "is ticking faster than most people would like to admit."

Abraham Cohen, Chairman of the American Friends of Rabin Medical Center, praised those in attendance for the effort they were making towards improving both medical care and relations between America and Israel. "These two fundamental aims, peace and well being, are universally shared and you, by being here and supporting this cause, are helping lead us to a better future." Dr. Joshua Plaut, Executive Director of the American Friends of Rabin Medical Center added, "we appreciate your support of Israel and her premier medical center during these challenging times. Your participation is supporting our breast cancer group therapy and laughter yoga programs at the hospital." Tobi Kahn, a renowned artist whose works are included in the Jewish Museum's collection, ended the luncheon with a slide lecture on some gems of the museum collection. After lunch, Mr. Kahn joined guests on private tours of the museum's galleries.

Co-Chairs Dawn Effron and Phyllis Arnold once again organized this outstanding event, this year calling upon some of New York's most accomplished and influential women to support programs designed to improve the psychological well-being and quality of life of breast cancer patients while also working towards the Rabin Medical Center's 2 million dollar goal for a new integrated breast cancer center, which will include all relevant equipment, staff, and facilities under one roof. As the largest medical center in Israel, Rabin Medical Center, which is located outside Tel Aviv in Petach Tikvah, not only treats over 11% of breast cancer patients, but also comprises a sprawling campus that can, at times, be a challenge to cancer patients, who often receive treatment from its wide array of advanced technologies and experienced physicians. This new facility will allow more collaboration and more complete care while making the road to recovery just that much shorter for women afflicted with breast cancer.

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