Changing Lives from New Hampshire to Kfar Kassem, Israel

The Schwartz family with Dr. Asi Hussam (back row left) and Dr. Aliza Zeidman (first person on the right) and staff of the Kfar Kassem Medical Clinic

Leslie and David Schwartz, whose home is in New Hampshire, have always understood the importance of helping others, both in Israel and the United States. Yet perhaps different than many other supporters of Israel is that the Schwartz's take an active role in the causes which they support, so it is not surprising that on a recent visit to Israel with their two children, they visited the Clalit Health Services Medical Clinic in the Arab Israeli Village of Kfar Kassem to see up front the collaboration project between this clinic and Rabin Medical Center Hasharon Hospital which they made possible.

The goal of this project was to provide necessary expertise in the treatment, control and prevention of diabetes through collaboration with physicians and nurses who specifically deal with diabetics at Rabin Medical Center, Hasharon Hospital and the medical staff of the Kfar Kassem Clinic. The project was headed by Dr. Aliza Zeidman, head of the Department of Internal Medicine B at RMC Hasharon Hospital and Dr. Asi Hussam, head of the Clalit Clinic at Kfar Kassem.

Diabetes is a growing problem worldwide as well as in Israel in general and in the Arab Israeli communities in particular. The Kfar Kassem clinic treats over 5,000 Arab Israeli patients of which a high percentage are diabetic patients, many chronically ill, yet they have no specialist in this field on duty and there are no other community services in the village for this population.

Dr. Hussam spoke about the important impact this program, which lasted for one year, had on the diabetic patients who received special consultation and treatment that was life saving for many of the participants. Both Dr. Hussam and Dr. Zeidman emphasized the vital need for continued collaboration to help other diabetic patients at the Kfar Kassem Clinic and in the neighboring Israeli Arab villages.

David and Leslie Schwartz are a shining example of the importance of not only giving to Israel's Rabin Medical Center, but of actually coming to Israel and witnessing firsthand the positive impact on the people at Kfar Kassem. Please consider a small contribution so you too can help improve the healthcare of those in need at Kfar Kassem.

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