Early Diagnosis is the Key

For the past 18 years, Dr. Maya Cohen has been the Director of the Imaging Institute at Rabin Medical Center and has seen ultrasound, mammography, breast MRI and imaging guided biopsies transform breast cancer diagnoses allowing them to be made sooner and more accurately.

The truth is that radiology was not Dr. Cohen's first choice when she first studied medicine at Tel Aviv Sackler Faculty of Medicine back in the 1970's. She dreamed of becoming a gynecologist, and radiology was not a popular profession at the time. However, as a young mother radiology offered her the chance and flexibility she needed to combine career and motherhood. She later fell in love with the field, which combines all areas of medicine. Her biggest frustration now is that the day is not long enough to divide her time between patient care and management. Dr. Cohen performs mammography reading, ultrasonographies and breast biopsies as well as other breast interventional procedures for about 20 patients a day. Not only must she perform diagnostic and interventional work, but Dr. Cohen must also make therapeutic decisions and assist the breast surgeons and the oncologists as part of the Davidoff Comprehensive Cancer Center's multi disciplinary approach.

The Imaging Institute at Rabin Medical Center is known for its superior diagnostic skills and for its team of expert imaging physicians who are dedicated to offering patients the highest quality of imaging services in an environment of comfort and convenience. Within this environment they increase the possibility of discovering malignancies at their earliest stages wherein the survival rate is far greater than at later stage of the disease. In the next few weeks the unit will be equipped with the newest mammography system, purchased with the help of generous donors, which will enable physicians to take "sliced" breast pictures and reconstruct them in three dimensions. This life saving system will be the first of its kind in Israel. You are welcome to join this initiative and donate additional funds for this worthy cause that supports the Imaging Institute and their important work in breast cancer detection.

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