Active Duty: Soldiers' Blood Donations Save Lives

Soldiers donating blood at RMC

On the day that Omri, a reserve soldier and commander of one of the Israel Defense Forces fighting units, found out that he was suffering from a shortage of platelets (a component of blood needed to help prevent bleeding and bruising), he also suffered the loss of one of his friends, a young girl, to cancer. He felt that he had received a sign from God and decided to ask his fellow soldiers to donate platelets in hopes of helping others with similar diseases.

The soldiers answered his call and over a period of two weeks between 5-10 soldiers arrived each day at the Rabin Medical Center's Blood Bank to donate this special kind of blood component. Their donations greatly increased the supply of platelets at the hospital, which are a vital, life saving element, especially for the hospital's cancer patients and for many other patients undergoing various surgical procedures. One soldier's desire to make a difference in the lives of others motivated his entire unit to get involved and together they were able to help countless patients at the Rabin Medical Center.

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