Lone Soldier from Maryland Being Treated at Rabin

Since the launch of Operation Protective Edge, several helicopters have arrived at Rabin Medical Center with wounded Israel Defense Forces soldiers. Overall 39 injured soldiers have been brought to the Rabin Medical Center for emergency care. Jordan Low, a lone soldier from Baltimore, Maryland arrived at Rabin Medical Center on Sunday and is currently hospitalized in the general intensive care. On Tuesday, Jordan’s father arrived in Israel from the United States. We are visiting Jordan daily and keep in touch with his family in order to assist in any way we can.

Rabin Medical Center continues in its daily activities, striving to provide the best medical care to patients from all religious backgrounds and nationalities, while maintaining high readiness for emergency situations. Rabin Medical Center is prepared for every scenario, in accordance to the instructions of the Israeli Home Front Command. Of course, the readiness of the hospital for a mass casualty event is extremely challenging while continuing routine functioning in clinics, operating theaters, departments, and emergency rooms.

This week was very challenging for the Israeli people. The ground operation began one week ago and the number of casualties are increasing daily. Thus far, 150 soldiers have been injured and 32 soldiers killed since the operation began.

About 350 Israeli civilians were injured and three killed. On the one hand, this is a large number of casualties and each one is a whole world to their family members and friends. On the other hand, considering the endless number of rockets fired towards Israel, it is a small number of casualties. This is a result of two important factors: the unique Iron Dome Defense System and the exceptional behavior of the civilians who enter the shelters and protective rooms immediately upon hearing the warning siren. We are still coping with the sirens which interrupt our daily routine and force us to seek shelter in the protected areas. The situation seems to us fairly "calm" since the number of rockets that the Hamas is firing towards Israel decreased from 120-130 to 80 per day.

Your support for Rabin Medical Center—Israel’s premier hospital—during these days is very encouraging and we cherish your ongoing friendship</strong>. We continue to hope for quite days and that the Israeli Defense Forces will successfully complete its mission.

THE HOSPITAL IS IN NEED OF EMERGENCY STRETCHERS COSTING $3,000 EACH. The stretchers are needed to transport the wounded soldiers, and ANY DOLLAR AMOUNT will help the hospital in this emergency situation. Thank you for your ongoing support! DONATE NOW TO SUPPORT EMERGENCY AND MEDICAL CARE!

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