Rabin COVID Ward Director Lights Israel Independence Day Torch

Dr. Dror Dicker, head of the coronavirus ward at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center, has been chosen to light a torch during the country’s 73rd Independence Day celebration, Israel’s biggest national ceremony.

Israel’s Independence Day torch lighting ceremony will take place on April 14 and will be broadcasted live.

Dicker was one of the first medical officials in Israel to head a coronavirus ward and made many personal sacrifices during the first stages of the pandemic, according to Ynet.

While working day and night, Dicker suffered a personal tragedy when his mother passed away during the pandemic. However, despite his loss, Dicker’s dedication to his team and patients did not allow him to leave the hospital, even while grieving.

In the past, Dicker served as chairman of Israel’s Association of Internal Medicine. The current chairman, Prof. Avishai Ellis, congratulated Dicker for his selection, noting that the battle against the coronavirus pandemic is still ongoing.

“My friend Dror has embodied during this past year the dedication of all internal medicine workers positioned at the forefront of this struggle... I am personally excited for his selection and am happy to congratulate him on behalf of the association,” Ellis said.

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