Israel's Groundbreaking 2021 Technologies

As Israel celebrates 73 years of independence, the country has cemented its place as a global tech powerhouse, with more than 60 privately-held ‘unicorns’ valued at more than $1 billion; more than 80 publicly traded Israeli companies listed on the US Stock Exchange; and some of the most innovative ideas and technologies in the world. Here is a look at 5 tech innovations that have made Start-Up Nation proud in the past year:

1) Cornea Implant?
Surgeons at Rabin Medical Center restored sight to a 78-year old blind man with the implant of an artificial cornea, the first such operation in the world.

2) COVID Test??
A new Israeli COVID test can detect the novel coronavirus in a fluid sample in just 20 seconds. The test is inexpensive and more accurate than the fast antigen tests that are beginning to be used in some airports.

3) Home Diagnosis?
?Netanya-based Tyto Care offers technology that allows patients to conduct diagnostic examinations of the lungs, heart, throat and ears in the comfort of their own homes, with solutions designed to replicate a face-to-face clinician visit.

4) Drone Network??
Israel aims to become the first country to develop a national drone network for commercial deliveries, medical transportation and urban air mobility. All drone flights will be centrally coordinated through a drone flight-control room in Haifa.

5) Desalination?
?About 85% of Israel’s water currently comes from desalination, with five desalination plants currently in operation. Another five are expected to be completed in the coming years, which will then see 100% of Israel’s water coming from desalination plants.

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