Medical Discovery Improves Surgery @ Rabin Medical Center

In a recent study led by Prof. Nir Wasserberg, Director of the Colorectal Department at Israel’s Rabin Medical Center (pictured) and Chair of the Israel Colorectal Society, data has been collected from humans for the first time about anastomotic leaks following GI surgery.

The data was collected using sensors created by Exero, an Israeli biomed company founded in 2018 by MEDX Xelerator (an Israeli Innovation Authority incubator) and Clalit HMO, the largest HMO in Israel. The sensors are the first ever to demonstrate real-time tracking of colonic tissue health during a surgical procedure.

These implantable, biodegradable wireless sensors are designed to continuously monitor the GI tract near a surgical site, alerting physicians to potential anastomotic post-operation leakage and also enabling early patient discharge by indicating proper tissue healing.

Prof. Wasserberg’s study was the first step towards implementing Exero’s wireless post-op monitoring technology on a large scale, which will enable early surgical intervention to save patient lives and reduce healthcare costs.

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