Fallen Israeli soldiers save scores of lives at Rabin Medical Center

As the largest transplant center in Israel, Rabin Medical Center has seen fallen soldiers bring hope and life to scores of patients waiting for organ donations. While the tragedy of the loss is a great burden to the families of the fallen, many a mother has reported that while they grieve their son’s death, they find comfort in knowing their son could save the lives of others. “That is what he would have wanted,” a mother said, “He would want to know that his death could save others.”

  • Sgt. Amichai Rubin, 23, died fighting Hamas on the Gaza border. His lungs, liver and kidneys saved five lives.
  • Capt. Roi Nahari, 23, was critically injured securing Kibbutz Kfar Aza from Hamas terrorists. His heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and pancreas saved five lives.
  • Staff Sgt. Shoham Ben Harush, 20, died preventing terrorists from reaching Kibbutz Kerem Shalom. His organs saved five lives.
  • Master Sgt. (res) Rabbi Naaran Ashchar, 33, had already donated a kidney this past June at Rabin Medical Center. Four lives were saved from his organ donation.
  • Staff Sgt. Yehonatan Samo, saved five lives with his organ donation, including the life of a 9 month old infant with a congenital liver disease.

As one parent spoke of their son, “The knowledge that he saved so many lives – both in battle and after - provides comfort alongside our great pain.”

Photo above: Ayelet Samo hears her son’s heart that was transplanted into Yaakov Malka at Beilinson Hospital, November 20, 2023.
(Courtesy of Beilinson Hospital)

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