Severe Burn Victims Receive Innovative Enzyme-Based Treatment

Soldiers, civilians and hostages are receiving a pioneering new treatment for burns that is saving limbs and speeding up recovery time. The Israeli-based company MediWound created NexoBrid, an enzyme-based product which is a topically applied product that treats scarred tissues without harming the surrounding healthy tissue.

NexoBrid's quick removal of damaged tissue reduces the risk of infection, sepsis and potential scarring. It's topical application also minimizes invasive surgical procedures.

The product allows medical staff to replace standard surgery practices with enzymatic surgery, allowing them to remove dead tissue within the wound or severe burn. The product is considered a game changer in a more effective, less invasive treatment to burns and wounds.

Physicians state that with enzymatic surgery they reduce the number of skin grafts and surgeries, as well as reducing patient suffering and lengthy hospitalization.

The five major burn centers in Israel have purchased this product, and are looking to acquire emergency stockpiles of the product in anticipation of future war casualties.

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