War injuries can lead to epileptic seizures

Rabin Medical Center in Greater Tel Aviv has been receiving war casualties from both the north and south, and Dr. Felix Benninger, deputy director of the neurology department and epilepsy specialist at Rabin Medical Center has noted an increase of soldiers with head injuries developing epileptic symptoms.

He states, "Since October 7, I have been seeing soldiers with a brain injury and epileptic seizure. This does not necessarily mean that there will be seizures in the future, but they do receive drug treatment."

The treatment is intended to offset the epileptic seizures before they occur.

"Of all the soldiers who suffered head injuries, it is possible that even in the more distant future we will see those with symptoms of epileptic seizures, and the difficulty will be more around that and less around the injury itself. Some 15% to 30% of severe head injuries can lead to epileptic seizures," according to Dr. Benninger.

This development is being carefully monitored by neurological experts as more soldiers are arriving at Rabin Medical Center with head injuries and head trauma; the symptoms of epilepsy may appear later on, but seizures early on may be a warning of the future development of epilepsy.

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