Update from Dr. Leor Perl, Rabin Medical Center Department of Cardiology

American Friends of Rabin Medical Center received the following update directly from Dr. Perl:

“It has been, indeed, a historically testing time for us – as all Israelis and Jews throughout the world have felt in different ways.

For me personally, it included the fact that I volunteered to enlist to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the beginning of the war, as a battalion physician in the Gaza area, as my family struggled to continue the day-to-day at home. However, despite all odds, we will always protect the Israeli state and we must make sure it does not happen again for many years. Obviously, there are many lessons for us to learn and problems to fix, but hopefully we will do so.

Since December I am back at work full-time and doing my best to combine the clinical, research and innovation aspirations, and happy to be in this position. Patients need care for cardiovascular disease as always, and we have a terrific department that keeps improving, keeps making progress as we treat more and more complex patients…

In the meantime I have also become a professor in the Tel Aviv University and we are making great progress in our innovation center as well - developing AI for clinical needs, medical device development and more. Recently, two start-up companies were formed, born at our innovation center, and that gives us much pride and satisfaction.

Again, so much is thanks to AFRMC's support.”

Dr. Leor Perl, Rabin Medical Center Department of Cardiology; Head of the Innovation Laboratory Cardiovascular Division Rabin Medical Center and twice an American Friends of Rabin Medical Center Fellow at Stanford Medical Center.

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