Israel's Rabin Medical Center on High Alert

Ambulances are on standby, in preparation of incoming attacks and subsequent casualties.

Iranian Missiles Rain Down on the Country

The missile attack from Iran launched this weekend against Israel was meant to be retaliation against the strike in Syria that killed a top Iranian general.

The attack lasted over five hours with more than 350 missiles and drones fired from Iran onto Israel territory. A large number of cruise missiles were fired at targets within the Palestinian Authority administered areas.

Civilians hid in safe rooms and bomb shelters until 3:30am local time on Sunday morning, when the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) signaled that the attack had ended.

Luckily only a small number of missiles successfully hit Israel.

However, hospitals across the country are bracing for larger more aggressive attacks and are on full alert.

Israel's Rabin Medical Center, already at reduced medical staff capacity due to many doctors and other medical employees serving in the army, are working around the clock in order to be completely prepared for any possible emergency.

Rabin Medical Center CEO Dr. Eitan Wirtheim has often repeated, “Our staff is trained for these types of scenarios and how to continue patient care during times like these. Because of their extensive training for a situation like this, they jump right into action.”

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