New Rabin COVID-19 Dedicated Hospital Opens

Israel's Rabin Medical Center is made up of two campuses: Beilinson Hospital and Hasharon Hospital, and the Hasharon campus has just been fully transformed specifically for the admission and treatment of coronavirus patients. As of this past Thursday, Rabin is now home to the only dedicated coronavirus hospital in the State of Israel, with 200 beds.

Following a request from Israel's Ministry of Health, Rabin Medical Center immediately and fully committed to working around the clock to transform its HaSharon facility. This massive preparatory marathon included establishment of remote medical technology infrastructure, command and control centers on each floor, featuring advanced technology and audio-video integrated systems that allow medical teams to contact patients and manage the wards remotely, in order to maintain the safety of the medical staff.

Rabin's Hasharon Hospital includes:

  • 5 departments
  • 200 beds
  • 1000+ staff members
  • 40 artificial ventilation stations
  • 4 ECMO devices to support heart and lungs
  • Sterile safety sleeves for passageways
  • 5 remote medical command and control centers with closed circuit TV cameras
  • Surgery and recovery rooms for Coronavirus patients
  • Ventilation and air distribution system
  • Strict measures to maintain the safety of the medical staff

The various systems monitor patients’ motions and medical conditions, with all medical data, including ventilation and monitoring systems data, transmitted directly into the medical file. Facility management and operation are carried out via advanced technology that allow minimum staff exposure, while maintaining full communication with the patients and providing them with medical treatment according to the needs of each patient.

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