Solidarity Mission

Interfaith Mission Group from New Jersey and across the USA visits RMC and pay tribute to the Trobman Family.

A special interfaith mission to Israel, of Jews and Christians from New Jersey and across the USA, was launched in November 2006 under the leadership of Mr. William Sutter, head of Friends of Israel and Alan Respler, head of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Southern New Jersey. Their primary goal in Israel was to visit Rabin Medical Center and to pay tribute to the Trobman Family, who are long standing members of the Cherry Hill community and donors of the Charles E. Trobman Data Center. They were welcomed by Dr. Ziv Rosenbaum. Participating in the mission was Andy Freidman, a long time supporter of Rabin Medical Center and a close personal friend of the Trobmans'.

William Sutter's impressions of the visit appeared in "Israel My Glory" Magazine: "We were welcomed as honored guests for a tour of Israel's largest hospital, the Rabin Medical Center. This modern facility, with its expert medical treatment and technologies, has numerous friends, supporters and advocates in the United States, as well as in Israel." In the Bible...God's promise is made of a great nation, Israel, and a people, the Jewish people, through whom He would bring blessing to the entire world. The Davidoff Cancer Center—Rabin Medical Center, with its worldwide influence and leadership, serves as one more illustration of God's fulfillment of that promise."

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