Live from Tel Aviv our Executive Director

Live from Tel Aviv our Executive Director, Dr. Joshua Plaut, shares reflections on the inauguration of Rabin Medical Center's new Jusidman Emergency & Trauma Center:

Last night was a great night for American Friends of Rabin Medical Center as AFRMC founder Arlene Strelitz and I represented all of us in Israel at the opening of the new 54,000 foot Jusidman Emergency and Trauma Center at Rabin Medical Center of Israel.

The new Jusidman Emergency and Trauma Center is an amazing gift to Rabin Medical Center and the State of Israel and its residents. It will serve more than 250,000 patients a year in the largest and most modern such facility in the Middle East. The Center sets a new global standard and will serve each and every resident of Israel with the same compassionate care.

Over many years we in America have all given of our time, donations, and enthusiasm to help this amazing project from our side of the ocean. So many of our event, galas, and fundraising campaigns were dedicated to raising funds for this vital facility. I thank you for joining this great undertaking and helping in our own endeavors to bring it to fruition.

The efforts of the American Friends of Rabin Medical Center (AFRMC) were recognized from the stage time and again during the celebratory inauguration of the new Jusidman Emergency and Trauma Center. Above all, the hospital thanked us for our efforts in the States by dedicating the whole Trauma Wing to AFRMC. This is a proud moment of unity and pride for the Jewish people and I thank each and every one of you for helping this dream become a reality. This is an exciting milestone for Rabin Medical Center, AFRMC and the State of Israel, and I am proud of our accomplishments to help the hospital.

Shalom and thank you all, as together we share in the joy of this great achievement!

Joshua Eli Plaut, Ph.D. & Rabbi

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