One Family

Rabbi Joshua Eli Plaut, Ph.D, Executive Director of American Friends of Rabin Medical Center

Dear Friends,

April 28, 2005 was a great day for Rabin Medical Center; this remarkable hospital made the news on the Channel Two six o'clock Israel television broadcast. Following mention of the major events of the day, including the importance of the Russian President's historic first visit to Israel as well as settler protests from the West Bank, attention was drawn to the successful bike-a-thon organized to raise funds for Rabin Medical Center.

Seventeen people - among them Israel's highly popular star athletes - rode 250 miles from the hospital to Eilat. It wasn't just the distance that impressed the newscaster, but the fact that Americans and Israelis had united in a true partnership to raise awareness for and funds to support a truly remarkable hospital that performs 60 percent of the organ transplants in Israel.

Little did the over fifty sponsors from the United States know how grueling the ride was and how hard each rider worked for the pledged miles. Israelis needed to know that organs were in short supply and that many in Israel await lifesaving transplantation.

We were proud to have been participants in this great ride and to witness Rabin Medical Center receive much deserved accolades for advancing medical treatment and healing for the people of Israel. We look forward to many more joint activities undertaken in that cooperative spirit that shows we are, indeed, one family.

Joshua Eli Plaut, Ph.D.
Executive Director
American Friends of Rabin Medical Center

Rabin's Legacy

Abraham "Barry" E. Cohen

Dear Friends,

The deepest ideals of Yitzhak Rabin were encapsulated in one sentence of his own words during his acceptance speech of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994: "I stand here as the emissary of the soaring hopes of a people which has endured the worst that history has to offer and nevertheless made its mark - not just on the chronicles of the Jewish people but on all mankind."

It is fitting that we mark the 10th yahrzeit of Yitzhak Rabin by celebrating life. How better to do that than to continue the great work underway at the Rabin Medical Center and that of its good friends around the globe. At Rabin Medical Center, progress is apparent in the impressive structural improvements and achievements in medical science. And here in New York, our expanded operations under the leadership of Joshua Plaut have made much progress as we continue to increase our efforts in attracting new friends and supporters through innovative programs and of course, our upcoming Gala Dinner.

This year we are delighted to honor Dr. Phillip Frost, founder, chairman and CEO of IVAX Corporation, and one of America's leading philanthropists, and Pat Frost, who among many other charitable causes is the current chair of the Smithsonian Institution National Board in Washington, D.C. As we honour them, they honor us by participating in our event.

As always, we are looking forward to seeing all of our friends at the dinner and to continue improving our accomplishments on behalf of American Friends of Rabin Medical Center.

Warmest regards,
Abraham "Barry" E. Cohen
American Friends of Rabin Medical Center