On Call to Help Israel

Rabbi Joshua Eli Plaut, Ph.D, Executive Director of American Friends of Rabin Medical Center

Dear Friends,

Israel's Rabin Medical Center is prepared to handle all emergency situations and potential disasters. As one of the largest and foremost medical facilities in Israel, with one of six national Level One Trauma Centers and a heliport for the transfer of the wounded, Rabin is well known for its expertise in emergency preparedness and its ability to stand strong in times of crisis.

During last year's national emergency when Israel was at war with Hezbollah in Lebanon, Rabin Medical Center doctors treated the wounded. As a crucial institution in times of crisis, the Rabin Medical Center is now helping Israel, her citizens and soldiers, with short-term emergency care and rehabilitation. Two vital projects on the horizon are a new Emergency and Trauma Center, and a new Heart Center.

American Friends of Rabin Medical Center's primary goal is to reinforce the capability of the hospital and to support these projects. Join us as we build together. Support Rabin Medical Center's efforts to provide top of the line medical treatment to the soldiers and citizens of Israel. Thank you for supporting a new Emergency and Trauma Center that will help ensure Israel's survival in challenging times.

In friendship,
Joshua Eli Plaut, Ph.D.
Executive Director
American Friends of Rabin Medical Center

Vital Projects on the Horizon

Abraham "Barry" E. Cohen

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that a year has already passed since the Lebanon war, the scars slowly healing from the terrible loss of life and the great damage to the north of the country. As a crucial institution in time of crisis, Rabin Medical Center (RMC) has performed valiantly and is now helping Israel's soldiers and private citizens with emergency care. It continues to prove itself a highly-respected institution for healing and research internationally.

Two vital projects on the horizon are: a new Emergency and Trauma Center and a new Heart Center. Rabin Medical Center has one of six national Level One Trauma Centers and is well known for its expertise in emergency preparedness. We should be proud to know that emergency preparedness at RMC has drawn the attention of American hospital administrators. This year, RMC's department heads have been visiting hospitals here in the U.S. to share their hard-won knowledge in this area. Once erected, the new Heart Center will be established as the foremost heart center of Israel and the Middle East, with specialized serviced offered nationwide and abroad.

On Sunday, October 28th, AFRMC will hold its annual fundraising dinner at Cipriani Wall Street with the goal of moving these two planned projects off the drawing board and into the field as quickly as possible. Our great friend, Larry King, will again serve as Master of Ceremonies. Larry's on-stage chat with our guest speaker has become a unique stand-out on the New York charity events circuit. Our speaker this year, Alan Dershowitz, should make for a lively encounter. And for the first time, we will have an "after party" for the younger and young-at-heart among us following the dinner.

I hope you enjoyed the summer vacation. Now it's Fall, and we're on the move again. Thank you for your continued support and outstanding spirit of generosity. We are doing great work.

Warmest regards,
Abraham "Barry" E. Cohen
American Friends of Rabin Medical Center

Highest Level of Emergency Care

Dr. Eyran Halpern, Chief Executive Officer of Rabin Medical Center

Dear Friends,

Six months into my position as CEO of Rabin Medical Center, I am proud to have discovered a well founded distinguished medical facility with a very active circle of friends both in Israel -chaired by the lovely and dynamic Nava Barak-and in the USA, by our longtime friend Barry Cohen.

It is thanks to this support that we have been able to continue to advance and excel in all fields of medicine and to establish centers of excellence, such as The Davidoff Cancer Center, The Women's Hospital, and The Raphael Recanati Genetic Institute. Looking to the needs of the future, we are about to begin our latest venture: a new state of the art Emergency and Trauma Center.

Over the last 10 years, events in Israel and around the world have made the need for the highest level of emergency care and preparation patently evident. It's no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. As one of the leading hospitals in Israel we must be ready to handle and face all emergencies, from victims of terrorist attacks, to soldiers injured on and off the battlefield, to car accidents and to the possibility of mass casualties. Our present facility can no longer meet the needs of the ever growing patient intake in our current Emergency Department. A project of such magnitude, costing 12 million US dollars, can only become a reality with your help. Fifty percent of this amount has already been generously pledged by a single donor; the rest is in your hands.

Another goal for the near future is the creation of a new Breast Center, a project of 2 million US dollars. This center is intended to be a comprehensive multidisciplinary center for the prevention, screening and early detection of breast diseases. Time is of the essence for women with breast diseases, and this center can simply save their lives.

In the long term, we envision the establishment of one of the finest Comprehensive Heart Centers to ever be created in the Middle East, a 40 million dollar project which will compare with the most outstanding heart centers around the world. Together we can make all these projects a reality and continue in our mission to offer the best medical care possible. We count on each and every one of you to support us in our needs and our vision.

look forward to meeting you all at the upcoming annual AFRMC gala on October 28th, 2007. Until then I wish you and all your families a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

Mazal tov and good luck,
Dr. Eyran Halpern
Rabin Medical Center