Israel at 60

Rabbi Joshua Eli Plaut, Ph.D, Executive Director of American Friends of Rabin Medical Center

Dear Friends,

The situation in Israel continues to be stressful. The citizens of Sderot are terrorized almost daily by the sound of alarms signaling yet another rocket attack, rockets which have moved closer toward Ashkelon and which can now reach Israel's major cities. Israel Defence Forces (IDF) soldiers tirelessly protect Israel against ongoing terrorism, while its leaders continue their quest for a peaceful solution with a weak Palestinian leadership. Yet, during this trying period, Israel stands strong, as we prepare to celebrate Israel's 60th birthday in May. Leaders from around the world will gather to celebrate this special milestone. Israel has built a vibrant nation, both economically and socially, of which we can all be proud. Israel has made the desert bloom, achieved global recognition in medicine and advanced technologies and is a world center of art and culture. The excellence of Israel is exemplified by Rabin Medical Center, an institution of compassion, co-existence and incredible technological advances for the region and the entire world.

America has always been Israel's ally and Americans have stood by its side to support the country's needs. American Friends of Rabin Medical Center, established 14 years ago, has played a major role in the thrilling transformation that has taken place at the hospital over the years, putting Rabin Medical Center of Petach Tikvah at the forefront of all medical specialties and becoming a leader in advanced medical care. Now the establishment of a new and unique Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center is on the horizon, which will provide superior emergency care to approximately 150,000 visitors every year. Thanks to the extraordinary spirit and generosity of Mr. Daniel Jusidman a crucial project such as this is finally being initiated, but there is still much work to be accomplished. The support of American Friends of Rabin Medical Center is vital and significant to the hospital's future.

Let us continue to work together to achieve new projects to advance state-of-the-art medical care for all citizens of Israel. Our history has shown us that when we work together greatness is possible. Happy Birthday to Israel at 60 and thanks always for your friendship and generosity.

In friendship,
Joshua Eli Plaut, Ph.D.
Executive Director
American Friends of Rabin Medical Center

Israel's Gift to the World

Abraham "Barry" E. Cohen

Dear Friends,

This year we celebrate a happy occasion, the State of Israel's 60th anniversary. We remember the birth of Israel, its courageous leaders, and the many wars, but in spite of all the hardships it is extraordinary what has been achieved in 60 years. So many of us have dedicated ourselves to the prospering of Israel and have stood by its side during both the glorious and challenging moments. We have helped Israel in many ways and our efforts have borne fruit. We are proud of Israel's stellar accomplishments in every field both at home and abroad.

Israel's scientific contributions to the world, and future promise, are often not fully appreciated. Israel per capita exports more lifesaving technology to other countries around the world - and saves the lives of more people - than any other nation. Israel does and will continue to contribute much more than it receives. Those of us who support medicine and research in Israel are part of the solution for Israel and for humanity.

The mission of the American Friends of Rabin Medical Center (AFRMC) is to support the Rabin Medical Center in Petach Tikvah, a vital medical institution which services over one million patients annually. It continues to prove itself a highly respected institution for healing and research on an international level. We are committed to helping Rabin Medical Center realize its vision of a technologically sophisticated medical center. I am proud of our partnership and grateful for the opportunity that the Rabin Medical Center offers us to assist in building up its facilities, investing in its medical research, and serving as a model institution of medicine and science for the Middle East and the whole world. It is due to the involvement and passion of a great many people, both past and present, that American Friends of Rabin Medical Center has become a major player on the American charity scene and a true partner of the hospital.

Our work has only begun. Our great task, to continue to build up the Rabin Medical Center as one of Israel's premier hospitals, remains our calling. Thank you for your continued support and outstanding spirit of generosity. We are doing great work together, and let us go from strength to strength as we look to the future.

Warmest regards,
Abraham "Barry" E. Cohen
American Friends of Rabin Medical Center