Emergency Help

Rabbi Joshua Eli Plaut, Ph.D, Executive Director of American Friends of Rabin Medical Center

Dear Friends,

You never appreciate a hospital more than when there is a crisis. And Israel once again found itself embroiled in a conflict not of her making. No one expected the daily barrage of thousands of rockets and missiles to rain down on civilian targets in the North, affecting the entire country.

Many soldiers and civilians have been killed and injured and people displaced from their homes. Many more casualties would have occurred had people not used the sealed rooms and shelters.

Rabin Medical Center was and is ready to help Israel, her citizens and soldiers with emergency care and superb trauma and medical treatment.

Understandably, Rabin Medical Center's staff is always available to help the wounded in times of crisis and rehabilitation. We are pleased to be able to present vital information on how Rabin Medical Center responded to Israel's crisis and how you can help.

It is our privilege to be associated with a hospital that is vigilant in its care of Israeli citizens and to be able to reach out to so many friends who care deeply about the fate of our homeland.

Thank you for supporting one of Israel's premier medical institutions.

Shalom and best wishes,
Joshua Eli Plaut, Ph.D.
Executive Director
American Friends of Rabin Medical Center

We Are All Israelis Today

Abraham "Barry" E. Cohen

Dear Friends,

Our friends and family in Israel have once again been called upon to protect their sovereign nation. They are fighting to keep others safe from harm, on the battlefield, at home, in offices, hospitals and bomb shelters. As always, we are with them in spirit, doing what we can in person.

Our upcoming annual dinner in New York will be held at Cipriani's on Sunday, November 5th. The goal for this year's dinner is to raise funds for the new heart center. We are delighted to have as our keynote speaker Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, honoree Dina Recanati, and our very great ally, the world renowned Larry King as Master of Ceremonies. We are also very much looking forward to a performance by Larry's lovely wife, Shawn King, a country music star in her own right.

We hope you will be able to take part in the American Friends of Rabin Medical Center gala dinner as it is, without doubt, our top fundraising event on behalf of Rabin Medical Center here in New York City. However, please also keep in mind that this is a time of increased strain on the people and resources of Israel. So, I am calling upon the American Friends of Rabin Medical Center to do what you can to help. Further on in this newsletter, you will find specific equipments needs that the hospital has shared with us to support current emergency care and potential mass casualties. Please take a moment to look over the list and, if possible, make a contribution.

We offer our collective prayers and good wishes to keep your friends and family safe from harm, and thank all for their great courage, both at home and at the front.

Warmest regards,
Abraham "Barry" E. Cohen
American Friends of Rabin Medical Center