Dr. Noa Wassercug Zemer

Adult Congenital Heart Disorder at Massachusetts General Hospital, July 2015

My name is Noa Zemer Wassercug, and I am a cardiology fellow at the Rabin Medical Center, affiliated with the Tel Aviv University in Israel. I was born and raised in Israel, where I completed my high-school education and a full army service as an officer in the IDF. I started my medical studies in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and after completing my BA degree Cum Laude continued my studies at Tel Aviv University.

I currently live in Ra'nana, just outside of Tel Aviv, with my husband and our three beautiful daughters, in close proximity to my parents, so I can enjoy a great deal of support from my family in order to be available to complete the high standard requirements in the cardiology department at the Rabin Medical Center. During my residency I have also conducted some academic studies and clinical tutoring of medical students.

I find great interest in the field of cardiology, and my desire is to specialize in Adult Congenital Heart Disease, as this field requires thorough understanding of the human heart's physiology and structure and integrates many aspects of cardiology such as clinical skills, imaging, invasive interventions and electrophysiology.

I am honored and exited to receive the AFRMC grant, which I intend to use for a one month observation fellowship in the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Program at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

In the future, after completing my final cardiology board exams at the end of this year, I hope to continue to a full length fellowship in Adult Congenital Heart Disease and to become a senior doctor in the Adult Congenital Heart Disease Unit at Rabin Medical Center, which is the largest of its kind in Israel.

I sincerely want to thank you for this opportunity and intend to do my best to make every minute of it valuable.

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