Dr. Emanuel Harari

CV Path Institute located in Gaithersburg, Maryland, September 2015

Dear American Friends of Rabin Medical Center,

My name is Emanuel Harari and I am a clinical fellow in the Department of Cardiology at the Rabin Medical Center. I live in Kfar Haoranim, a small community near Modiin, with my wife Michal and my children - Tamir, Maayan and Ayala.

I began my medical path at the Hebrew University were I did my undergraduate studies in medical sciences. During my undergraduate studies I had the opportunity to work in the laboratory of late professor Rami Rahamimoff, a world-renowned scientist who was awarded the Israel Prize in Medicine in 1998. In that period I began contemplating about merging clinical work with basic sciences. Later on, I moved to Haifa, and graduated my M.D. cum laude, in the Technion Institute of Technology. My M.D. thesis on haptoglobin phenotype and aortic valve stenosis was awarded as excelling MD thesis.

While studying towards the M.D. degree I worked as a physician assistant in the cath lab at the Lady Davis Carmel Medical Center.
After finishing my internship I served a as a physician at the Israeli Navy for 5 years.
I did moonlighting shift as a night call physician in the cardiology department at the Lady Davis Carmel Medical Center.

Upon completing my academic reserve military service I sought a career in interventional cardiology. The first step was a residency in Internal Medicine at the Internal Medicine Department 'E' of Rabin Medical Center. During my residency in I did basic science research and clinical research under the supervision of Prof. Eli Lev, Prof. Abid Assali and Prof. Ran Kornowski from the department of Cardiology. Results from the basic science research on the use of gold nano-particles as carriers for anti-atherosclerosis treatment were recently presented in the European Society of Cardiology meeting in London.
In June this year, after I was board certified in Internal Medicine, I began my fellowship in clinical cardiology under the mentorship of professor Ran Kornowski.

On October 1st I am about to start an 18-months research fellowship program in CV Path Institute located in Gaithersburg, Maryland. CV Path was established in 2005 as a not-for-profit institute with a mission is to conduct basic and translational “bench to bedside” research. The president of CV Path is Dr. Renu Virmani an internationally renowned cardiovascular pathologist and a leading researcher in the field of cardiovascular disease treatment. 
During my fellowship I will acquire proficiencies both in vascular biology and cardiovascular pathology and conduct a dedicated research project.

Upon returning to RMC I would like to combine both clinical cardiology (in particular Interventional Cardiology) and research in translational medicine.
I would like to focus my research on detection and treatments of vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques preventing them from rapture and cause heart attacks. 
In order to do so, Prof. Kornowski and I plan to establish a laboratory aiming at development of novel imaging and treatment techniques to detect and stabilize vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques.

I am truly grateful to the American Friends of RMC for the generous support which enables me to follow this quest of medicine and science.

With gratitude,
Dr. Emanuel Harari

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